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Air Care has invested in drone technology, in an effort to stay current with today's technology and practices. We have a range of drones and experience with drones as well as the subscriptions needed to process imagery from the drones. We can even process imagery from your drone, since keeping those subscriptions are sometimes the cost prohibitive piece of drones.

The uses are really end-less, and your ideas on how to maybe use a drone in your production could still very well be new to us. Air Care has used processed imagery from drones to measure over-all plant health, plants/acre, cubic volume of aquatic habitats. We have recently begun experimenting with the ability to 3-D model and 3-D print imagery from drone flights.


One of our on going projects is to monitor seed-test plots. The picture to the left represents the test seed plot. The plot illustrates the advantage of the Dekalb Long-Branch full-treat VS. non treated sead. The imagery was taken with a traditional lens.
This imagery that has been processed to show plant health. The seed plot is identifiable as the dark green portion in the middle and represents more tillers and more ground cover.
  The image to the left represents the succes of the root system in the test plot. If you are interested in a test plot or any other foward thinking ideas then call us.