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Air Care Inc specializes in covering acres efficiently and effectively. On staff we have over 30 Agricultural Licenses, over 20 Federal Aviation Adminstration Pilot Licenses, and 5 Federal Aviation Adminstration Mechanic Licenses. We have a pilot ownership program which enables our pilots to buy into the business which elevates the level of commitment and pride to our service. This pilot ownership model is not the standard in the industry, it means that we have long term pilots commited to the success of each and every application.


Air Care Inc has been providing aerial application for south-east Colorado and western Kansas for 42 years. As the industry has evolved in those 42 years so has Air Care Inc. Air Care Inc. operates, independently or cooperatively in 9 states consistently and have worked in as many as 15 states in one season. We have dedicated ourselves to this industry and have over a 100 years of combined experience of aerial application.
Air Care has seven modern turbine aircraft to treat acres as timely as possible (not all pictured). Air Care Inc has these airplanes spaced from Monte Vista CO to Ingles Kansas. When your need for a timely application is of the utmost importance, we are the company who can provide you with the highest quality job and cover your acres in the timeliest fashion possible.




In addition to our own fleet of airplanes, Air Care has a network of cooperating businesses that enable us to dispatch state of the art ag aircraft with accomplished, skilled, experienced pilots. This network allows us to not only cover the acres booked thru Air Care, but also to travel across the nation to help other operators cover their acres in a timely fashion.

Modern Ag aircraft have such a large cost that this 'network' is the surest way to make sure there will be enough planes to cover every acre that needs to be treated and gives our planes/pilots an oppoturnity to extend their earning potential beyond the local crops and local time-table.

Partner Companies  
Additionally we provide a resource for competively priced seed and chemical for our customers. As the industry has changed in the last decade, many operators were purchased by chemical companies who would then only sell their product line. Air Care however, is still an independent company that has the ability and freedom to search for the right product across all manufacturers for the right price.
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